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Understanding your Mental Health Benefits:
  Prior to beginning any form of medical treatment, including mental health treatment, it is a good idea to understand your medical benefits. You can find out what your benefits are by referring to your medical benefits handbook, by talking to your human resource department at work, or by calling your insurance provider directly. You can find their 800 number by looking at your insurance card.

  What should I know about my insurance?
When you call your insurance company you want to ask several questions.
What are my benefits for out-patient mental health?
Can I see a provider of my choosing, or must I see a network provider?
How many sessions am I entitled to per year?
What is my deductible?
What is my co-pay?
To what address should claims be sent?
  Participating Network Provider for:
Blue Shield, PacifiCare Behavioral Health, United Healthcare, US Behavioral Health, Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS), Aetna, CorpHealth, Magellan Behavioral Health.

Pat is also equipped to provide Employee Assistance Services through these providers.

Many other insurance companies may pay out-of-network benefits, or give freedom to the subscriber to select the provider of their choice.

  Price isn't Everything

Selecting a health care provider based on their hourly fee alone may not be the most economical way to receive services. Quality of care, experience of the provider, and average length of treatment must all be considered.
  Fee for Service Available
Fee for Service is available for those people who do not have insurance, or who choose not to use their benefits in order to maintain their privacy. Some individuals may also be eligible for a reduced rate based on financial need.
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